The United Nations Declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development


Below is a breakdown introducing the five basic principles of sustainability that you can use to evaluate a company, hotel, or any business. Be sure to browse the countries with sustainable travel as well.


African Countries With Sustainable Travel & Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
  • Recycling as much as possible, and reduction in the use of plastics (especially plastic water bottles)
  • Use of green, renewable energy to provide power for facilities
  • Working to reduce impacts on climate change (for example: using fuel efficient and/or electric, hybrid vehicles, using sustainable biofuels, engaging in reforestation efforts)
African Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cultural Heritage
Support for Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Supporting tourism as a vehicle for peace and a platform against violence, empowering post-conflict collaboration
  • Educating visitors on positive interactions with the place and its people, and how to avoid negative impacts
  • Embracing gender equality and opportunities through sustainable tourism
African Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cross Cultural
Support for Cultural
  • Support and promotion of living cultural heritage – art, crafts, music, theater
  • Support for the protection of historic buildings, archeological sites, World Heritage sites, cultural traditions
  • Promoting “Sense of Place” and authentic engagement with the local culture
African Countries With Sustainable Travel & Cultural Heritage
Support for protection of nature and biodiversity
  • Working to restore, rehabilitate, maintain and protect natural habitat, whether land or water-based
  • Establishing private conservancies in partnership with local-communities for the benefit of all
  • Protection of endangered species, support for research and on-going understanding of biodiversity and ecosystems
African Countries With Sustainable Travel & Economic Wellness
Support for the Well Being of
Local People
  • Providing local employment, including fair wages and benefits, training and capacity building, and encouraging career opportunities for women, youth, and other locally disadvantaged groups
  • Support for community development initiatives in health, education, or social benefit, such as scholarships for local youth, provision of health care facilities, or ensuring clean drinking water
  • Supporting local businesses, including sourcing locally, and providing support for the development of local supply chains

Sustainable Travel Tours

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